Your health is your most valuable asset, take care of it and plan ahead with us

Choose health – and choose us so you can always feel safe in good hands. With our private health insurance plans, you no longer have to worry about when and where to go with your medical complaints or questions. You’ll get medical care in english.

Why should you have private health insurance in Hungary as a foreigner and what can you use it for?

For a minimum 1 year stay in Hungary
  • The ideal solution for elective and acute care, or medical emergencies
  • Can be presented at the Immigration Office
  • For type D visa applications
  • Extra covered services during the pandemic: Telemedicine consultation, COVID-19 screening test up to 15.000 HUF, medical advice in case of coronavirus infection
  • Cannot be used to apply for a Schengen C visa
In many cases, this product can replace or complement public health care. It is a ‘fee-for-service’ product, so the policyholder only pays the insurance premium, and the insurance company covers his/her treatment when a covered service is claimed.

For example, if you call our Medi24 phone line, because you have a stomach pain, we’ll arrange you a visit to one of our partner private clinics, and we’ll cover your health expenses, you only need to show up. It is a fully accepted insurance product for the immigration application process.

Private health insurance is recommended for longer stays in Hungary. If you are looking for the right insurance cover for a longer stay in Hungary, or you need health insurance for your immigration procedure, Generali private health is the right choice for you.

What are the many benefits of private health insurance?


Fast and efficient healthcare management
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Specialist appointments, laboratory and diagnostic tests (e.g., ultrasound, X-ray, CT, MRI, etc.) without waiting lists or queues;
online or telephone consultation with specialists

Hundreds of in-network private clinics nationwide, with an attractive and friendly environment, and maximum attention

Under most plans, an unlimited number of tests
for a fixed monthly premium

Discounts for multiple family members

Ask us to call you back and a representative will be in touch to help you decide!

    Health insurance for foreigners in Hungary

    Our health insurance plans are available and recommended not only to Hungarian citizens, but also to foreigners living, working, and studying in our country.


    Focus on your Health

    A range of out-patient* specialist, laboratory and diagnostic tests are available, if medically indicated. Depending on the health insurance plan you choose, you may also have access to outpatient surgeries, same-day surgeries, hospital care or oncology tests, just to name a few.


    Timely health check-ups and screenings can save lives

    The importance of regular checkups in health promotion cannot be emphasized enough. This is both for prevention, of course, and because early detection of potentially life-threatening health conditions or diseases can significantly increase the chances of full recovery.


    Make a claim online or by phone

    You can contact us online or by phone with a health complaint and we'll arrange the care you need; or alternatively you can book an appointment yourself using our self-service appointment booking platform. You can call us 24 hours a day for medical advice, and in some cases you can also consult a specialist online or by phone.


    Family health insurance plans

    Everyone wants their loved ones to receive the best possible medical care. For family covers (starting from 2 persons) we offer a discount.

    *Outpatient – a patient who comes into the hospital for a short appointment – this may be a consultation with your specialist, a test or a scan. You will not need to stay at the hospital overnight.

    Insurance Plans in Hungary

    Generali Medi24:
    arranging medical care 0-24 hours, online appointment booking, health counseling

    Unlimited number* of specialist examinations in the following basic outpatient departments:
    internal medicine, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, gynaecology, urology, dermatology

    Unlimited number* of laboratory tests in the case of:
    basic blood tests, urine analysis, stool test, basic infection tests, gynaecological cytology test, and for men: prostate cancer screening (PSA)

    Unlimited number* of diagnostic tests in the case of:
    ECG, ultrasound, X-ray, mammography, Doppler and arteriographic vascular tests, audiometry, naevus checks, allergy tests, central bone density test, optometric and vision tests, perimetry

    *in case of a health complaint, if medically justified

    In addition to the Start Cover, which provides basic health care treatment, it also covers the following services:

    Unlimited number* of specialist examinations in the following outpatient departments:
    Allergology, cardiology, orthopedics, rheumatology, electrotherapy, pulmonary medicine, neurology, gastroenterology, oncology, dietetics, etc.

    Unlimited number* of laboratory tests:
    immunology tests, hormone tests, screening for tumors, HIV tests and screening for other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), genetic tests, intoxication tests, etc.

    Unlimited number* of diagnostic tests:
    cytology and histology tests, isolation of allergens from blood, endoscopic-reflective tests, MRI, CT, PET CT, tests for electrical activity of muscles, nerves and the brain (EEG, EMG, ENG), cardiovascular tests and angiography, enterography, radioisotopic tests, articular pinprick tests, respiratory function tests, etc.

    Unlimited number* of outpatient surgeries

    *in case of a health complaint, if medically justified

    In addition to the Start Cover, which provides basic health care treatment, and the Plus Cover, which provides extended health care, it also covers the following services:

    Annual preventive health check-up (for a standard preventive complex insurance plan or extra preventive exclusive insurance plan)
    International medical second opinion
    Administering flu vaccination and the reimbursement of the vaccine cost
    Same-day surgery (one, two or unlimited times, depending on the selected plan)

    Unlimited* patient transport (with a paramedic)

    *In medically justified cases

    In addition to the Start Cover, which provides basic health care, the Plus Cover, which provides extended health care, and the Complex Cover, which provides premium health care, it also covers the following services:

    Unlimited number of house calls*:
    In medically justified acute cases, home care for adults in Budapest and in certain towns in the countryside.

    Physical therapy (max. 12 sessions/person/policy year)

    Inpatient hospital care:
    Medical care, surgery and accommodation in VIP facilities (max. HUF 4 000 000/person/policy year)

    Oncology diagnostics:
    Diagnostic examinations, oncology opinion, treatment plan, and consultations for one year

    Fixed cash benefit for malignant tumors (HUF 2 000 000)

    *In medically justified acute cases

    Ask us to call you back and a representative will be in touch to help you decide!

      Advanced Options in Private Medical Care

      In addition to our standard insurance plan, which covers only basic health care, we offer a range of specialized medical services including – based on the plan you choose – MRI or CT scans, outpatient surgeries, same-day surgeries and patient transport. Depending on the health insurance
      plan you choose, you can also have GP house calls, physiotherapy, oncology diagnostics, international second opinion, V.I.P. hospital inpatient care covered, and claim malignant cancer insurance cash benefits.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      You can reach our operators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can help you arrange your medical care, book you appointments, and provide information on local health care providers, ambulance services and even pharmacies. MEDI24 also offers medical advice (telemedicine) over the phone, for example if you need assistance in interpreting diagnostic findings.
      In medically justified cases, if you have chosen the Exclusive Cover plan. Oncological diagnostics include the diagnostic work-up, an oncological opinion, a treatment plan and a year of counselling.

      Access to a Medical Helpline, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (Generali Medi24)

      Generali Medi24 is at your service with health advice and information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
      Medical management services: organizing your healthcare, booking appointments

      Health check-ups
      Annual preventive health screening tests and examinations

      Professional patient care
      Specialist outpatient examinations and consultations
      Laboratory tests
      Diagnostic tests (e.g. ultrasound, CT, MR)
      Physical therapy
      Administering flu vaccination and the reimbursement of the vaccine cost
      Patient transport
      House calls
      Same-day surgeries
      Outpatient surgeries
      Inpatient care in a hospital with VIP facilities

      International medical second opinion

      Oncology diagnostics
      Diagnostic examination
      Oncological opinion and recommendation
      Medical advisory

      Fixed cash benefit for malignant tumors

      Family discount
      Discounts for family members if insurance is taken out at the same time

      Yes, if you take out a Plus, Complex or Exclusive Health Insurance Plan.
      The Complex and Exclusive health insurance plans include optional annual health check-ups, the content of which varies for each insurance cover plan.
      Yes, under our Exclusive health insurance plan, you can have up to 12 sessions of physical therapy per policy year.
      You can choose to take a Start, Plus, Complex or Exclusive Plan. For more details, see: Health Insurance Plans
      Under our private health insurance, the medical management service provider will arrange the necessary medical treatment for you as soon as possible: in acute cases (e.g. if you have high fever, cramping pain, acute infection) within 2 working days, and in non-urgent cases within 10 working days.
      For children, the START and PLUS plans are available with basic or extended outpatient care (specialist, diagnostic and laboratory tests depending on the plan selected), and in the case of the Plus plan, with outpatient surgery and same-day surgery, as well.

      Glossary Of Terms

      Outpatient specialized care usually means one-off or occasional treatment or preventive care (examinations, treatment) provided by a specialist for patients who are not confined to a bed.

      In-patient specialist care means healthcare provided to a patient in an in-patient setting of a hospital unit.

      Outpatient surgery means minor procedures and operations which are usually performed under local anaesthesia, and the patient can leave the hospital on his or her own feet soon after the surgery (on the same day, i.e. without spending the night in hospital).
      Same-day surgical care means treatment defined as such in legislation under statutory surgical codes where the patient requires less than 24 hours of care and observation following surgery; in other words, the patient can leave the medical facility on his or her own feet within one day (following an overnight stay in hospital) with an escort and can recover at home.
      It describes the sequence of tests and examinations that a patient undergoes during the course of his/her medical care. With private health insurance, it is not the patient’s responsibility to organize the patient journey – i.e., the medical examinations and care – as it is part of the covered service offered by the insurance company.
      A video or telephone consultation with a specialist which allows the insured to discuss any health problems with a physician. Telemedicine consultation is only available for symptoms and complaints which do not necessarily require a face-to-face visit or a physical examination.
      In other words: preventive screening tests. The aim of preventive health checkups is to assess the insured person’s state of health and to rule out certain diseases or rule out the probability of certain diseases before symptoms and complaints appear.
      The core concept of private health insurance is that the insured pays a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or an annual premium to the insurance company, in return for which the insurance company organizes and finances medically justified examinations due to the insured’s health complaints, and covers certain screening tests included in the selected insurance plan with private health care providers. This means that the costs of examinations, treatments and healthcare services included in a given health insurance plan are not paid by the insured but reimbursed by the insurance company directly to the service provider, thus sparing the insured person the need to pay occasional medical bills.

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